About me

If you haven’t already guessed from the website’s name, my pseudonym is Jason Whatever; I am a cartoonist, illustrator and designer. Proud to call myself a ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’.

In the Beginning

I was born in Nottingham, England, in 1970 and have lived in the East Midlands all my life.

My first memory of drawing is copying photographs of Motorbikes from Bike catalogues. I also recall creating a new cartoon poster scene based on a Demolition Derby scene from a Berol Tubed Poster set.
I have always had a good imagination and am often described as a daydreamer.

School and College

For most of my school years, Art was never a path I saw my life going in until a teacher saw potential in my last year of school.

Art college in the late 80s set the foundations before specialising in graphics. This was just before computers started to appear – I believe our college had just two basic computers for the whole campus.
I class myself as an old skool designer regarding graphics, starting my designs with fonts and white space. Creating graphics entailed photocopying fonts out of a Letraset catalogue and increasing the copier in steps until the desired size was reached. Colour meant painting or inking the traced letters.

At the same time as college, I was getting paid for drawing cartoons each Saturday for cartoon slides for a business training company. This was my learning curve into cartoons, illustrations and my fun with puns.

Starting on the road

After leaving college, I worked for the Training Company full-time for about four years, then on and off as a freelancer for the next 15 years.

I hit a patch of lousy luck and joined two Graphic Design companies, both going into liquidation within a year.
I solely freelanced for a couple of years following before having to take up a full-time warehouse or driving work from 1996 till about 2003.

I don’t regret not having a creative job for these years as it gave me life experience, and I continued creating part-time anyway.

I can thank the cartoonist Simon Bond (101 uses of a Dead Cat) for my pseudonym Jason Whatever. I used to use the name Jason W, and after going through the flood of rejection letters, like every cartoonist will have been through, I asked Simon Bond (the then editor of a short-lived magazine called Squib) for advice. Apart from the usual ‘keep at it’, he commented on my pseudonym – he wrote ‘, drop the W and use… er… Whatever or something, and so Jason Whatever was created.

Freelance and beyond

I returned to full-time design in 2003 and fully freelance in 2005

I have been designing cartoons, graphics and illustrations for over 30 years, covering a vast range of subjects, from environmental issues to picture framing.

Most of my work has been for Commercial use, from Councils to National Companies, backed up with published cartoons in magazines and newspapers.

You can see a selection of work in my Portfolio.

Jason Whatever