Web Design

All the web design sites we create are user friendly, however as a matter of course we also optimise them to be search engine friendly with the aim to get you better search engine listings.

We design our sites to look professional with access to many themes. Research has shown that web visitors make an opinion on your site within the first few seconds, so users do judge your site by its virtual cover (home page) it really needs to grab their attention straight away.

Getting on the web – where do you start

We can help you sort out a Domain name (i.e. yourdomain.co.uk) and help you set up your hosting (space on the www where you site can be viewed). Throughout this process we discuss your requirements and find the best product to match your needs.

The Website

We design websites to show off your company/organisation etc at its best. Whether it is a simple 4 or 5 page site or a fully fledged brochure style website we can create a professional site without breaking the bank.

If you currently have a website that isn’t getting search engine listings or bringing in business then you will definitely see the difference with changes we carry out whether it is a full redesign or minor optimisation.

Sometimes a redesign might even cost less than the original brochure type website you had designed by your Graphic Designer.

If you don’t currently have a website then you can benefit straight away by paying only once for an effective website that will be optimised and made for the job whether it is an information site or virtual salesman.

What our websites have:

  • Optimised page titles different for every page
  • Relevant Meta descriptions
  • CSS based Navigation fully spiderable
  • Alt Tags on all images
  • Rich keyword relevant content
  • Sitemaps
  • Online enquiry Forms if required
  • Professional looking graphics

There are a few questions to ask yourself before we look further into site issues

  • Is your website bringing in business or enquiries?
  • Are you being found in search engines under relevant sector keywords, not just your name?

If you answered Yes to both these questions unless you aren’t on the first few pages or you are listed but the site isn’t bringing in business.

If you answered NO to these questions then you definitely need my services.

Ineffective Website?

If your current website contains some or all of the below then you will definitely see the difference with changes we carry out whether it is a full redesign or minor optimisation changes.

  • Same title for every page or no title (see top left hand corner of your web browser
  • This pages title is Does your website work? Spidered Web…
  • No Meta keywords or Descriptions
  • Graphic navigation
  • No Sitemap
  • The text is graphics
  • Full Flash Site with nice swirly graphics but little else
  • No Alt tags or Title tags on images
Whatever your creative requirements, let Whatever be the solution