Full Website Redesign

JasonWhatever.com website

Full Website Redesign

Having spent years working on other clients work, my website was looking very tired and in desperate need of a website redesign. With a slower pace and reduced work level over the last few months due to the pandemic, combined with the fact that I am turning 50 this year, now seemed the right time for a redesign and full content update. Not to mention that my portfolio was way out of date and there was no space for social content.

Having created many of my clients’ new websites on a WordPress base, it would be the perfect choice for my new site. After 2 months of work, I am excited to reveal the all-new JasonWhatever.com website.

The new website is fully responsive and is a great new home for all that is Jason Whatever.

  • My Services
    A breakdown of the services I can offer clients from cartoons and illustrations to graphics and graphical guides.
  • Portfolio
    Look through my portfolio with a selection of my latest work and dipping into my archive of over 30 years of work.
  • News and Blogs
    This space is where you can keep in touch with the latest news on projects and designs as well as reading my blogs on all Whatever.
  • Shops
    If you would like to own a Jason Whatever design then visit our Shops page for more information.
  • Project Whatever
    I have over 30 years of sketched out part ideas, some developed further and some just a single graphic or a page of scribbled text. As I reach 50, rather than create even more new idea concepts, I have decided to spend the next 10 years bringing these archived ideas to life.
  • About Jason Whatever
    Here you can read a brief history of Jason Whatever.
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