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    Are you seeking a unique, personalised design that perfectly captures your vision but in my style? Look no further! My design commission service is here to transform your ideas into stunning works of art. Whether you need a custom illustration or cartoon, a logo or graphic for your brand, or a tailor-made piece of art, I am ready, pen poised.

    I am ready to turn your ideas into a remarkable design. Whether you need a custom illustration or cartoon, a logo or graphic for your brand, or a tailor-made piece of art, I am ready, pen poised. Please reach out to me today to discuss your project.

    1. Tailored to Your Needs: With my design commission service, you can express your ideas and preferences. Whether you have a clear concept or a rough idea, our designers will work closely with you to understand your vision and create a design that exceeds your expectations.
    2. Professional Expertise: I can design in various creative disciplines, from graphic design and illustration to cartoons and art design. I can bring your ideas to life in my unique style.
    3. Collaboration and Communication: Effective communication is the key to a successful design commission. I value your feedback and input to ensure the final design is precisely what you envisioned. In the process, I will keep open communication lines, making sure you are involved at every step.
    4. Unique and Exclusive Designs: When you choose our design commission service, you can rest assured that your design will be one-of-a-kind. I understand the importance of originality and will create a piece that reflects your personality or brand identity, setting you apart.
    5. High-Quality Craftsmanship: I am committed to delivering exceptional quality in every design we create. I strive for excellence in every aspect of the process, from concept development to the final product. And pay meticulous attention to detail and use top-notch materials and techniques to bring your design to life.
    1. Consultation: The process begins with a consultation, either in person or online, where you can share your ideas and requirements. I will discuss timelines, budgets, and details to help you better understand your commission.
    2. Concept Development: I will develop initial concepts and sketches for your review based on the consultation. This stage will allow further refinement and adjustments to ensure the design meets your expectations.
    3. Design Creation: I will work on the final design once the idea is finalised. In the future, I will provide updates and ask for your feedback to ensure I am on the right track.
    4. Review and Revisions: After the initial design is completed, I will present it to you for review. If you need any revisions, we will accommodate them to ensure you’re satisfied with the final result. So that you know, this may incur extra costs.
    5. Delivery: Once the design is approved, I will complete the finishing touches and prepare the final product for delivery. I take great care in packaging and shipping to ensure your commissioned piece arrives safely.

    When it comes to your company’s image, sometimes keeping it simple and to the point is all you need, no flashing, whistling or bells ringing. With this in mind, I create graphics to be simple and functional. This service can be combined with my cartoon or illustration skills to make graphics more memorable.

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    My graphic design clients are smaller businesses rather than large conglomerates, allowing us to give a more personal service. My work for them can range from logos and leaflets to display material to creating a web presence. Regarding my client’s image, I understand that not everyone can pay thousands of pounds for a tree logo.


    This covers logos, adverts for directories and publications, leaflets, simple brochures, postcards, display panels, promotional posters and a wide range of personalised merchandising.


    This covers logos, banners, buttons and other graphic or cartoon images to the complete design of a website. The overall layout and usability of the site are essential, but the way it looks is equally as important. I can design logos, buttons, icons, and banners.

    A graphical guide is the perfect way to explain a process or promote the benefits of a product or service. Combine them with cartoon characters and you can have a guide with different levels of text depending on the audience.

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    These are just some of the uses a graphical guide can be used:

    • Installation Guides
    • Routes through History
    • Recipe instructions
    • How to guides
    • Explain a process
    • List product/service features
    • List product/service benefits

    Where a cartoon’s aim may be to raise a smile, an illustration is designed to illustrate and be relevant to the material on which the image will appear. The technique is commonly used to illustrate books but can be used for business literature and websites. An illustration can contain humour, but it is not its primary purpose.

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    My main style is bold and colourful. I aim to match my varied style to suit the material being illustrated. Should you require a more realistic approach, I am equally at home drawing in a slightly more stylised and realistic edge.

    Topics I have drawn cartoons for range from football, picture framing, valves, computer services, and recycling, to name just a few, but I pride myself on being able to make a gag cartoon on any subject.

    I can design character concepts for many purposes, from business literature to company identities and from websites to book illustrations. Get a unique character for you, or you would prefer to base your character on someone or something you know. This is an extended use of my cartoon and illustration skills.

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    What are Character concepts?

    If you want a unique character or characters and want them to appear in different situations or guises, then you require this service. You can see if the characters suit your requirements and would work with your image before you commit to spending hundreds or thousands on finished graphics and marketing material.

    When I use the term cartoon, I refer to a humorous image aiming to raise a smile or tell a joke (gag cartoon), compared to an illustration designed to illustrate a point or topic.

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    Single Gag Cartoon

    This means the set-up and joke are within one single drawing. Where space is a premium, or there is no need to set up the joke, this is the best way to tell a joke. I can design them in either full colour, line only or tones of one colour.

    Strip Cartoon

    A strip cartoon usually consists of 3 or 4 panels to tell a joke (i.e. Andy Capp, Hagar, Peanuts and Garfield). You can set a scene and tell a more elaborate joke this way. I can design them in either full colour, line only or tones of one colour.

    Full Page Cartoon

    A full-page cartoon is not restricted to the number of panels. You can fit in several jokes or spend time building up the joke with suspense, red herrings and dead ends. I can design them in either full colour, line only or tones of one colour.

    Business Cartoons

    When promoting your business, a picture is worth a thousand words; a cartoon can do that with a smile. Most of my cartoons have been designed for business use, from character logos and promotional literature to presentations and training material.

    From black and white to full colour, my cartoons look professional on any commercial project, so instead of settling for stock photography or clip art, think about what impression you could give of your business using my services.

    I can create a character to be part of a logo or brand. Alternatively, illustrations of nature in different positions can be used as a guide through your literature or website.

    Cartoons and Illustrations
    You can use a cartoon or illustration to help in a presentation, illustrate literature or as part of advertising material. A cartoon can help to liven up any text-heavy document or help to bring a lighter side to a serious product. As the samples below illustrate, I can design in either full colour, line only or tones of one colour.

    Promotional Cartoons
    Promoting your company or ideology is necessary for any company’s success. Literature, adverts and presentation displays can be more effective with a cartoon or illustration. A cartoon can often be the difference between forgettable and memorable. I can design them in either full colour, line only or tones of one colour, as the samples below show you.

    Web Cartoons

    Cartoons for the web are like cartoons for print, except you can animate them slightly. You can use a web cartoon as often as you wish, and they don’t come with publishing costs. They can be as big and elaborate as required.

    Cartoons I design for the web are created in .jpg or .gif format and are optimised to reduce file size; this allows them to appear on web pages using less bandwidth.

    • Character concepts – part of a logo or brand.
    • Cartoons / Illustrations – for presentation material
    • Promotional Cartoons – literature, adverts and presentation displays.
    • Logos – cartoon character or image part or whole of logo
    • Icons – images for buttons, apply here and call to actions
    • Site Guide – a character can be used to help illustrate points or features
    • Gag Cartoon – a joke cartoon regularly changed (i.e. daily, weekly or monthly)
    • Banners – used to promote your site or product on other websites

    The term Calendar Series describes a series of 12 cartoons or illustrations. They could be used for a calendar, whether printed or online. Recent uses have been part of a social marketing campaign around 12 Days of Christmas.

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    A calendar with 12 cartoons/illustrations is an excellent way of getting your brand seen regularly. A single calendar cartoon with brand-specific dates and occasions could be released each month. A monthly online version could be part of communicating with your customer database.

    Social Marketing
    A series based around 12 Days of Christmas is ideal for a social marketing campaign on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. If not, you could always email via your customer database.
    A single cartoon of a 12-part series could be released each month.