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About Jason

The creative juices have been flowing for well over 30 years.

My Services

I design cartoons, illustration, graphics and character designs etc.

Project Whatever

Bringing creative projects to life from years of notes and sketches.

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Contact me if you are interested in any of my projects or services.

My Recent Work

Just a selection of my work – see more in my Portfolio

  • Cartoons

    When I use the term cartoon, I refer to a humorous image with the aim to raise a smile or tell a joke (gag cartoon), compared to an illustration that is designed to illustrate a point.

  • Illustrations

    Where a cartoon’s aim may be to raise a smile, an illustration is designed to illustrate and be relevant to the material on which the image will appear.

  • Graphic Design

    When it comes to your companies image then keeping it simple and to the point is all you need, no flashing, whistling or bells ringing. With this in mind we create graphics to be simple and functional.

  • Character Designs

    I can design character concepts for many purposes, from business literature to company identities from websites to book illustrations.

  • Graphical Guides

    The graphical guides I create have been used to show many different processes. From installation guides and recipes to how to guides. They can also be used the hi-light product benefits.

  • Calendar Series

    Whether a cartoon or illustration let me create a series of 12 designs for use as a calendar or part of a 12 Days of Christmas campaign.

Project Whatever

Projects by Whatever

I created my first cartoon characters and doodles over 30 years ago. Since then I have sketched out part ideas. Developed a few more further and some are just a single graphic or page of scribbled text.


As I turn 50, I have large collection of folders full of sketches, doodles, text scribblings and ideas. Rather than create even more new idea concepts, I have decided to spend the next 10 years bringing these archived ideas to life.


When one of these projects comes to fruition I will use the tag #projectwhatever across my social platforms. I am really excited about returning to my archive of ideas and I look forward to you seeing them.

News and Blogs

Full Website Redesign

Having spent years working on other clients work, my website was looking very tired and in desperate need of a redesign. After 2 months of work, I am excited to reveal the all-new JasonWhatever.com website.

Becoming More Social

As well as the new website I am also going to posting more on the social platforms Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Follow me and find out about new designs, Project Whatever and much much more.

Whatever your creative requirements, let Whatever be the solution